All is fair in the love of accessories.


Arm Candy, a term once used to describe a person of high influence, one that you brought to a party hand in hand, and ain't nobody got time for now its BRACELETS. I did a little research and with complete ease found an abundant amount of options. Truly, the options are endless! There is no rhyme or reason to this madness we call style and it is a salty girls dream. Gaudy with a side of salt, thats the order of the day.
Since accessories are fresh on the press here are a few more golden guads to ease the day..

Harpers Bazaar grabbed my eye as a wee salt and Ive been running with her ever since. These were this seasons accessorie picks. Dangles, why of course, who doesn't love dangles? Beads, charms, gems..prefer all. And the knuckle ring, need more be said?

No secret arm candy is the way to go for Spring. Still unsure.. The Slough carries an obsene amount of bracelets! We cant help ourselves.

..don't forget I'm begging to see arm candies on you!! Email me

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cottasofia said...

Your blog title very suitable with content. " All is fair in the love of accessories" good one...


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