Loving on some arm Candy!! From leather to spikes to bows, any combination is a go. Options are endless for a collective combination to rock on the arm. I love to see how people sport there goods, so here at the salty we are offering a chance to win an extra piece to add to your collection. How you say? Email this salty girl a favorite pic from your roll, of bracelets and stacks to your fancy. By the end of next week a winner will be chosen and exposed on the blog!!

Don't forget to like The Slough on Facebook! (We are trying to hit 300 before the season starts!)

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falling for floral

falling for floral

Are you fallen for florals? I most definitely have! This salt loves flowers to the moon and back so here at the  Slough we actually sell loose cut flowers. They envelope me in their pure beauty so effortlessly, really not even King Salomon in all his glory was dressed like the lilies of the feild.Both floral print jeans will be arriving very shortly here at the Slough and we are overwhelmed with the many stylish options available to sport these beauts. Interested? Stay tuned!

I would love to see what florals youve chosen, and how you style! Please share.

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Sunny with a side of Salt.

An amazing find can be found just about anywhere, any true shopper understands this basic principle. It is important not to be judgemental, which is key for all stages of life. Today I had to run a quick errand to the Dollar Tree for shipping supplies,  low and behold I found these beauties. A pair of Ray-ban inspired sunnies of snakeskin in an all to rad hue@ $1...#majormoment. We have been told time and time again not to judge that book by its cover, sometimes it is the little things that teach us the biggest message. Don't take for granted your surroundings, pay attention, don't allow yourself to miss out on something grand!

And note to self, this summer the Slough has some salty shades for an unbeatable price. Stay tuned.

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Gingham...Chic or Patty Picnic Perfect?

What do you think? Havent decided on this trend quite yet. I have some Joe Jeans in a skinny floral print for spring that I think will look smashing with this top. Too much? Can this lover of all things black pull off the prepster posh? Salty is saying YES!!

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Knuckle up!

(obaz, galisfy,vogue)

I LOVE JEWELRY!! And my newest obession: the knuckle ring. There is no more stellar of a combination than a fresh manicure in this color, and baby rings. This salt will post pictures as soon as my jewels arrive!!

Do you love the knuckle rings? Have you made the purchase?
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Saying Bye Bye to Ballet.

The long-time everyday shoe of choice is being pushed aside, the ballet flat. Its replacement is naturally up to the trendsetter, but for me its the loafer, in numerous shapes, sizes, &  materials. 

As pictured, I covet a strong pop of color and tone the outfit down with black skinnies and an easy go to, the chambray. As spring is upon us I am on the search for a couple of everyday flats, stylish and comfy are a must. 

I have these on my mind for spring, paired with a salty sun dress, or Paige's newest floral skinnies! Not quite on point with budget, so I'm still searching. What new flats  do you fancy? Are you glad to see the Ballet's take a back seat this season?


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It could be a cliche.

A major Cliche in fashion blogging is covering red carpets, but lets face it, the Grammy Awards is my SUPERBOWL! I look forward to award season all year long and could care less about football. Having said that, I actually missed the Grammy's red carpet Live due to a fundraiser obligation, but don't worry I have done my fair share of catching up through repeats and the trusty Ole Google.

From Best to last, Rihanna is my jam for sure!! I love her music, her style, and some of her tatoos. This was my most favorite look of the night, black of course, second in running was her outfit she adorned during the tribute to Bob Marley. (I couldnt find a discent picture of that one)

Taylor,  she looked cute. Higher on the list, but not my favorite moment for her. She has always had an innocent edge, but her music is moving in a slightly different direction. I hope in the future she continues to keep it clean and crisp but amp up her confidence.

I have always LOVED B! But really? She is one of the most powerful women in the business with ample amount of funding, please buy a dress! But all of you momma's know when you become a mother, sometimes its easier just to be comfortable. Beyonce, I look forward to seeing something better in the future.

Oh, J lo. Stop! This is ridiculous, there is no reasoning for this choice what -so- ever. I shouldn't  say this next comment but I pride myself on honesty so here is goes, we should of all saw this one coming. Jlo has a habit of busting some amazing attire out, reaching the best dressed then quickly plummeting to the bottom.

I enjoyed, as usual, the red carpet and the Award ceremony. However, I really was more displeased than excited about the dress choices of these celebs. I have a hard time having sympathy or understanding poor fashion choices when they have so many resources at there disposal.

What did you think? Honestly..I would love to know.


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we have a winner!!

I am so excited to announce the winner of The Salty Girls very first giveaway!!! Drum roll...Rachel Benton!!! Congratulations on your win! We hope you enjoy the new accessories that have recently been added to your drawer and certainly look forward to seeing how you wear them.

Thanks a bunch to all of y'all that participated. Keep following as we will be having another great giveaway in the near future.

..stay tuned for tomorrow, we are hitting up the Grammy's

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weekend recap.

I must say, my Saturday was that of a salty one for sure! The island wind was the least bit forgiving and the chill in the air was frigid. I had no intentions on leaving the house as my kitchen remodel is causing a major pile up in chores, but then remembered a food party I had wanted to attend. So what to wear?

Saturdays are as casual as they come, thus allowing for comfort. I pulled out the trusty sweatshirt,if you live on the own a sweatshirt.The sweatshirt has made quite an appearance this season whether paired with skinnies a sequin or sparkled skirt, or basically whatever you fancy.

Here are my rules on sweatshirts:
1. Don't get used to them, beauty is pain.
2. Make sure its clean.
3. If its a brand, appreciate the business
4. Wear plenty of bracelets, lip gloss, and a bit of eyeliner



Have you embraced the sweatshirt trend?
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Today, its DENIM.

"I wish i had invented blue jeans. they have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity-all i hope for in my clothes"

I'm going to be honest, I am not a huge fan of quotes..every sentence you ever speak is a quote, just saying. However, this "quote", amazed me. I mean how true, I'm not a fashion designer..but I totally feel this way with styling and clothing in general. How effortless are jeans. EVERYONE wears jeans, even the ones who claim to hate fashion.

Its exciting that deconstructed denim is resurfacing from a season of "clean" jeans. I adore "ripped" jeans, they are comfy with edge. Seriously, try a pair on and all the sudden your either Kate Moss or a subject of Free People.

find here

Here a few of my favorites. Are you wondering what to pair with worn jeans, or ones that are age appropriate?

1. Age appropriate- these jeans can be worn at most any age, with appropriate distress that is, the younger the more distressing aloud.

2. What to wear? I like destruction on the bottom with crisp on top. So, the Paige boyfriends (2nd from left) with a white polo button up and printed loafers, or the 4th from the left, a boyfriend blazer and white tee and as many bangles as you can fit on your arm.

There are many options so explore, be bold, try something slightly out of your comfort zone.

Its your life, you set the trend.

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becoming pretty black and white.

I love black! And am quickly warming up to white. It is a hot combo for the spring..hash tag excited. Black is always appropriate making it effortless, not to mention looks good on all skin tones and hides that little extra winter weight gain. As far as white, not so flattering in all but can make such a crisp addition, envision a fitted blazer with black flare leg jeans (I recommend Paige, or JBrand).

If the Olsen twins are promoting WHITE, then yeah...she is a winner. And leather shorts, "oh child," in love. I have an order of scalloped faux leather shorts in transit for the Slough this spring!!

Here are a couple more accessories (leaning towards black of course) that I am coveting at the moment..fingers crossed for Valentine's Day.

Do you have Cash moments? Have you tried a white crisp blazer? Try it, you'll see its a salty surprise.

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Now is a good a day as any....

and so it begins.

photos, Jazaina Midgett

The official launch has finally made it! And what better way to start a static friendship then with a giveaway!! This Salty girl has chosen a few accessories for one lucky salt to claim. In order to be deemed winner of the triangular studded snakeskin earrings, faux gold pave necklace and a couple of arm candies, you must do the following: Follow  The Salty Girls Guide Blog and like The Slough Boutique on Facebook . And that is it!! We will announce the winner the first of next week!!

This Salty girl is beside herself excited with the launch of this blog, and I certainly look forward to fun, fashion, and guidance. xoxo jessica
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i love saturdays!

Smitten is an understatement for what I am over Kate Spade's launch of her newest line, SATURDAY. It is the perfect combination of prep with a dash of sass, made for that perfect Saturday. Full of color and print and so true to Spade's style. I can honestly say I have always been a huge fan of Katie, I think her quotes are witty and her accessories are untouchable. It goes with out saying her handbags are spotless and her shoes are always the final touch of glam to any accessory.

This would undoubtedly make the perfect presence in The Slough! This salt for sure paraded into market with one mission on her mind, find SATURDAY. Unfortunately was disappointed to find it wasn't yet there...oh well, ambition and goals are what keeps me going!!

What do you think of this new line? How would you pair it?

Here are a few more images! And let me just end by saying, Yes! I am a sucker for a duo of orange and pink...

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