The Minds of Women.

"The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward apperance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

1 Samuel 16:7

What is your heart saying?
Happy Weekend!

xo Jessica
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Take a look!

Life has been moving very quickly and salts are just fine with that! If your not moving then what are you doing? So anyway, I thought it appropriate to do a quick snapshot of The Slough and whats hanging. Its been fun, from prints to fabrics and of course flowers!
How is your June? Can you believe July is in sight? Enjoy this very second because look! its already over ;)
xo Jessica
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What was that?

tie dyed

Fashion is so humorous in that it continues to repeat itself. My elementary years were full of rainbow tie dye EVERYTHING, and guess what? Its back! I loved it then and am digging it now. The pattern is available in every color, shape, material, and budget. A fan of Neimans or American Eagle you are certain to find tie dye. Although it is on super trend do be cautious on how you wear this repeat love.
1. Never mix tie dye prints.
2.Tie Dye is not meant for a fashionable pattern mix either.
3. Keep accessories simple and let that psychedelic vibe radiate.
4. My favorite combo for summer is either a simple cutout tie dye dress or a loose tank died with white skinnies.
5. Oh, and a headband is almost always necessary!

Now you know my preference, whats yours? Are you wearing tie dye once again?

xo Jessica
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Needing a little retail therapy.

Summer Must haves
If you follow us on facebook then you have seen that we certainly offer retail therapy for most. But for myself, honestly, Ive got my eye on these:

1. J Crew always has the BEST go to throw on T- literally goes with everything.
2. Loren Hope is someone I admire so much, love her jewelry and really want a piece. Her earrings I adore but I have a thing with heavy earrings- so the bracelet it is!
 (oh, and its ALL MADE IN THE USA)
3. Sole Society has grabbed this salts attention. They are beyond affordable and are oh so trendy. I want something strappy but its a style I normally steer clear from,
 so I want something budget friendly
4. Lastly, yep! its back to the high waist love obsession. What better way to rock the
trend then with jean?

What do you have your eye on? You do know we have knuckle rings!!

xo Jessica
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Custom to COSTUME!

The coveted hobby of this salt is costume jewels! Yes! I collect costume jewelry. It doesnt matter where I go I am on the lookout for something to add to my collection. When shopping around for the Slough I have to seriously restrain myself from buying absolutely EVERYTHING. So then how do I do it? How do I choose? Inspiration, I find what truly grabs my attention.

Do you fancy costume candy as much as I? The Slough has a fresh shipment coming towards the end of the week and I am uber excited!! Stop by and add to your collection.
xo Jessica
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The Perfect Peonie.

Peonie! The most romantic flower, with its round bloom and fragrant smell, its the omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. Ill take a full bouquet daily!! Thanks. The flower with is simplicity and fullness has the meaning of prosperity and romance, and with its quite hue, and delicate petal it gives the most desirable fresh cut. The hub has planted one in our garden and I am oh so thrilled!!Stop by the shop this week and get you a stem, its amazing how a freshie can change the atmosphere.

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praise for monday

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own"
Matthew 6:34 NIV
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What was it?


The Slough had its first wedding of the season! The shop sells fresh cuts and dabbles very lightly in weddings. I am NO florist but I DO love flowers. The bride was sweet as pie to work with and the results spoke volumes. The theme was peacock, and purple was our go to color. Lizianthus is the most romantic flower and a perfect choice. A wedding bouquet of over sized hydrangea, petite spray roses, and lizanthus became a dynamic pairing! I always find it invigorating to learn new things and to work close with anther's vision.

How was your Friday? Do you have a flower that speaks to you?

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Just in Case.

rainy day

The Island has been forecasting some pretty nasty weather for the weekend. Clearly, its only a hazard if you allow it. Whether on Vacation or a resident, style is of the essence.
What are the 5 must haves for that rainy day?
1. Burberry- This trench coat reached the want list in my college days and has yet to be fulfilled. Its ageless.
2. Umbrella's aren't completely practical in 30 mph wind but it is oh so stylish
3. Rain Flats! How perfect? The Island is packed with humidity, its just too hot for boots, what a perfect alternative.
4. Fresh flowers give the ultimate R&R feel to any atmosphere
5. A great cookbook can do wonders to empty time. Locked in the house for a day or so? Become Giada for a day.

What is your forecast? Do you have your essentials for a mucky weekend?
xo Jessica
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leather for summer?

 Who would have thought? Leather for summer! This Winter and Early Spring it was exciting to watch this trend unfold. Leather leggings were my jam and its awesome to see that they have translated to shorts. What once thought to be a constricted fashion is now a basic staple.leather for summer

 Do you do leather for Summer? Stumped? We have the most darling scallop edge fauxs here @ The Slough!! Paired with something simple like a white T or dressed up with peplum- either or makes for the perfect fit.

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"looks like a girl but she's a flame
so bright she can burn your eyes
better look the other way"

A. Keys

Burn Bright! Happy Weekend!!


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