Salt made

Salt made

A per usual salt isn't a gal who puts on her face for the beach, but quickly after, product needs to be applied. Today was the Slough's first run at the local farmers market spreading joy via flowers. The weather was remarkable and the sun was hot. Afterwards I had no choice but to take a quick dip in the sea. I had about 20 min on my hands before I was due back at the shop, so what to do? I packed a quick bag and jumped in head first. What did I pack? A maxi, a cami, strappy sandals and a makeup bag.

Here are a few of a salty girls must haves
1. Laura Mericer, its number one on the list for a reason
2. Bobbi Brown Brick, I'm on my second and so obsessed
3. Nars, a cheeky color in coral gives the sun a little added attention
4. Urban hit it just right with this pallet, day or nite its a sure thing
5. Slap of coral shine for the lips (Mac offers the best consistency)
6. Maybeline for a strong lash

And there you have it! Whats in your makeup bag for post beach?

Ps Salt cures

xo Jessica
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