Studs & Stilettos

Studs & Stilettos

Studs and Stilettos are by far two of my favorite things. If I'm honest you must know in the summer months I prefer a barefoot, but when fall roles around and a slight chill, the stilettos are a MUST! Its amazing to see this shoe transform in so many ways. I remember as a small little girl playing dress up I thought the day would never come when these fabulous shoes would actually fit (even know I'm a full 6 1/2). The transformations are endless and change within mere seasons. This style however, is my favorite yet. Its a classic point but with such a modern flare. Colors, fabrics, and cuts are so individual, very fun..and I must say my shoe budget might need an increase.
In terms of studs, well, I've always rocked a more gaudy approach. This season and these styles I feel that might be changing. Studs are no longer the 6 week dread of freshly pierced ears. I love a simple statement and studs seem to do that little trick every time.

Where are you finding yourself? In studs and stilettos?

xo Jessica
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