The husband surprised me yesterday with the news that we will be leaving for Charleston tomorrow!! #majormoment. Salt's love to travel and Charleston? Who wouldn't love that. After last nite's episode of the RZP it is a must to find, and purchase, a floppy hat. Clearly its Bohemium chic to the height of excellence. Me, Charleston, sunnies,floppy hat and JLove- its the perfect 5 for 5 years of marrital bliss.
How amazing! Maxi Dresses, ripped denim, cut offs, need I say more?
RZP isn't always my, but like..YES! Cochella move over, the East is embracing Boho.



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Katie said...

I am literally BANANAS for that that floppy hat! And Charleston too! Have fun and please post where you find that hat.

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