So Shoe Me.

The Ankle Strap

Shoes!! Who doesn't love shoes? This salt has the honor of being another bridesmaid next weekend and is in need of shoes. Its always an honor to be part of someones special day. The bride was generous enough to allow any black shoe to go with our dress, but Omgahh options! The wedding is outside so wedges are a must, and as a salt, they should be simple (this isnt my wedding). They have to be black, and I always require a heel,@ 5'3 with a t-length dress, oh so necessary.So where to start? The stellar ankle strap is fore fronting the brain, but with so many options its getting more difficult.
What are some ways to narrow? Ask yourself
1 Whats the weather report?
2. Dressy or Casual?
3. Dress length? ( very important to elongate the leg)
4. Comfort? (some say beauty is pain, not when the attention isnt on you)
Do you have any suggestions?
PS I want to love them. A one night  wear has never been appealing to me.
xo Jessica
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