Shoes + Shorts = Summer Ensemble

Shoes + Shorts

Shorts have never been a must quite like they are this season. Its exciting but honestly, a new venture for me, blessed with short legs never made me quite comfortable in shorts.The Slough has unpacked quite a variety of shorts, from chambray to leather. The style side of the short has had an awe inspiring twist..HEELS! I will never forget when a handful of my college girlfriends and I decided to venture out in Milan (cira 2006) one night, yeah Italy! Super fun night, and @ 23 I don't remember much but I will never forget seeing a group of young girls rocking heels with shorts #majormoment. It was love at first sight, so new from any style I had picked up on in America. Not any longer!!

Do you plan on rocking the combo? Have you broke the seal and bought your first pair of shorts for the season? The Slough has the above shorts in a vintage white and light grey!

xo Jessica
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