What was that?

tie dyed

Fashion is so humorous in that it continues to repeat itself. My elementary years were full of rainbow tie dye EVERYTHING, and guess what? Its back! I loved it then and am digging it now. The pattern is available in every color, shape, material, and budget. A fan of Neimans or American Eagle you are certain to find tie dye. Although it is on super trend do be cautious on how you wear this repeat love.
1. Never mix tie dye prints.
2.Tie Dye is not meant for a fashionable pattern mix either.
3. Keep accessories simple and let that psychedelic vibe radiate.
4. My favorite combo for summer is either a simple cutout tie dye dress or a loose tank died with white skinnies.
5. Oh, and a headband is almost always necessary!

Now you know my preference, whats yours? Are you wearing tie dye once again?

xo Jessica
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