Just in Case.

rainy day

The Island has been forecasting some pretty nasty weather for the weekend. Clearly, its only a hazard if you allow it. Whether on Vacation or a resident, style is of the essence.
What are the 5 must haves for that rainy day?
1. Burberry- This trench coat reached the want list in my college days and has yet to be fulfilled. Its ageless.
2. Umbrella's aren't completely practical in 30 mph wind but it is oh so stylish
3. Rain Flats! How perfect? The Island is packed with humidity, its just too hot for boots, what a perfect alternative.
4. Fresh flowers give the ultimate R&R feel to any atmosphere
5. A great cookbook can do wonders to empty time. Locked in the house for a day or so? Become Giada for a day.

What is your forecast? Do you have your essentials for a mucky weekend?
xo Jessica
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