As a Salt, a Woman, a Mother, and a Business Owner bravery is something needed to face just the everyday. In contact with so many women on a daily basis its no shock I don't stand alone. In pressing times we need to be BRAVE, we need to be relentless and persevere. So here is what I'm thinking...
1. The Crop- go ahead bare it. We are so hard on ourselves as women, I feel like we miss out on some really great things due to negative body image.
2. A printed maxi skirt gives that freedom of a pant with the sophistication of a skirt. Who doesn't want to be that "girl" for a day?
3. Love- its what makes us do what we do! And every warrior needs a little armor.
4. A bright shoe is a reminder that there is some major ground to cover, having said that- make a statement.
5. Pick up your bow and arrow, a PB-J and hit that day with a peace of mind, knowing I Will Survive!
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