Today is gorgeous!! The sun is shining and the air is salty. It never ceases to amaze me what a visual person I am. During a phone interview today I was asked, "are you, in fact, a visual person?" Hmm, why yes! Yes I am. The eye is what draws you in, a store front is the calling card and what is behind those doors needs to be desired.Being visually invigorated is key in owning your own business, or running a successful closet at that. This salt stands behind a color coordinated closet and organized jewelry. Costume jewelry can be quick to overwhelm, stay focused and organized. Having your goods ready will ensure that perfect outfit, even at the drop of hat. As far as visuals I have migrated for years towards free people, anthropology and Urban Outfitters depending there mood, and mine ;) When it comes to my closet, yes, it is color coordinated. My jewelry, on the other hand, is what they refer to as HOT MESS and needs some major attention. How about you? Do your goods showcase there selves, or are you always digging?


Grabbing ideas to get myself on track. Look for the little notions that in the end we pull you all together. Breathe, its Tuesday!!

xo Jessica
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