Pop that Mono.


Neutrals are not always this salts favorite option, but as I get older the more I gravitate towards this saving grace. Its such and effortless option, no thinking required! When time is ticking and the kids are screaming- grab and go becomes the style. Two steps: 1. Choose your neutral- anywhere on the spectrum of gray, black, white and I like to include blush. 2. Once your base is chosen, look through your accessories..What color do you gravitate towards? Pick that and Voila! Your ready. What? you don't gravitate towards a specific hue? That's OK, for example, I normally feel like red is extremely aggressive so I bring it in with accessories, steer away from black and choose a gray or white. The options are to the moon.

Styled above I chose a gray stretch skinny, its a new favorite of mine. Afraid of white jeans? This is the next best thing. And perfect for carrying year round. The shades are a trendy shape with a bright rim just for fun. The necklace is awesome, its handmade (here) and is a major statement piece, neutral is the perfect backdrop. Lastly, play! Shoes are always fun..and remember- they always FIT.

Have you tried this look? Come in the shop, we can help!!

xo Jessica
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