It could be a cliche.

A major Cliche in fashion blogging is covering red carpets, but lets face it, the Grammy Awards is my SUPERBOWL! I look forward to award season all year long and could care less about football. Having said that, I actually missed the Grammy's red carpet Live due to a fundraiser obligation, but don't worry I have done my fair share of catching up through repeats and the trusty Ole Google.

From Best to last, Rihanna is my jam for sure!! I love her music, her style, and some of her tatoos. This was my most favorite look of the night, black of course, second in running was her outfit she adorned during the tribute to Bob Marley. (I couldnt find a discent picture of that one)

Taylor,  she looked cute. Higher on the list, but not my favorite moment for her. She has always had an innocent edge, but her music is moving in a slightly different direction. I hope in the future she continues to keep it clean and crisp but amp up her confidence.

I have always LOVED B! But really? She is one of the most powerful women in the business with ample amount of funding, please buy a dress! But all of you momma's know when you become a mother, sometimes its easier just to be comfortable. Beyonce, I look forward to seeing something better in the future.

Oh, J lo. Stop! This is ridiculous, there is no reasoning for this choice what -so- ever. I shouldn't  say this next comment but I pride myself on honesty so here is goes, we should of all saw this one coming. Jlo has a habit of busting some amazing attire out, reaching the best dressed then quickly plummeting to the bottom.

I enjoyed, as usual, the red carpet and the Award ceremony. However, I really was more displeased than excited about the dress choices of these celebs. I have a hard time having sympathy or understanding poor fashion choices when they have so many resources at there disposal.

What did you think? Honestly..I would love to know.


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