i love saturdays!

Smitten is an understatement for what I am over Kate Spade's launch of her newest line, SATURDAY. It is the perfect combination of prep with a dash of sass, made for that perfect Saturday. Full of color and print and so true to Spade's style. I can honestly say I have always been a huge fan of Katie, I think her quotes are witty and her accessories are untouchable. It goes with out saying her handbags are spotless and her shoes are always the final touch of glam to any accessory.

This would undoubtedly make the perfect presence in The Slough! This salt for sure paraded into market with one mission on her mind, find SATURDAY. Unfortunately was disappointed to find it wasn't yet there...oh well, ambition and goals are what keeps me going!!

What do you think of this new line? How would you pair it?

Here are a few more images! And let me just end by saying, Yes! I am a sucker for a duo of orange and pink...

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