Today, its DENIM.

"I wish i had invented blue jeans. they have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity-all i hope for in my clothes"

I'm going to be honest, I am not a huge fan of quotes..every sentence you ever speak is a quote, just saying. However, this "quote", amazed me. I mean how true, I'm not a fashion designer..but I totally feel this way with styling and clothing in general. How effortless are jeans. EVERYONE wears jeans, even the ones who claim to hate fashion.

Its exciting that deconstructed denim is resurfacing from a season of "clean" jeans. I adore "ripped" jeans, they are comfy with edge. Seriously, try a pair on and all the sudden your either Kate Moss or a subject of Free People.

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Here a few of my favorites. Are you wondering what to pair with worn jeans, or ones that are age appropriate?

1. Age appropriate- these jeans can be worn at most any age, with appropriate distress that is, the younger the more distressing aloud.

2. What to wear? I like destruction on the bottom with crisp on top. So, the Paige boyfriends (2nd from left) with a white polo button up and printed loafers, or the 4th from the left, a boyfriend blazer and white tee and as many bangles as you can fit on your arm.

There are many options so explore, be bold, try something slightly out of your comfort zone.

Its your life, you set the trend.

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