becoming pretty black and white.

I love black! And am quickly warming up to white. It is a hot combo for the spring..hash tag excited. Black is always appropriate making it effortless, not to mention looks good on all skin tones and hides that little extra winter weight gain. As far as white, not so flattering in all but can make such a crisp addition, envision a fitted blazer with black flare leg jeans (I recommend Paige, or JBrand).

If the Olsen twins are promoting WHITE, then yeah...she is a winner. And leather shorts, "oh child," in love. I have an order of scalloped faux leather shorts in transit for the Slough this spring!!

Here are a couple more accessories (leaning towards black of course) that I am coveting at the moment..fingers crossed for Valentine's Day.

Do you have Cash moments? Have you tried a white crisp blazer? Try it, you'll see its a salty surprise.

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